You could be your own validation and motivation.

In my life I’ve tried to get others to validate me and motivate me. It doesn’t work. People can promote you, but they can’t live your life for you. They best thing anyone can do for themselves is to trust oneself that he or she is able to. To believe that you are “able to” mean that you have been equipped. Being equipped means that you have learned, have been instructed, and have practiced that which you have desires to do. Once you have been equipped, that mean you are “able to.” Just because you are able to doesn’t mean you will do, even when you want to do. When you want to do something, but didn’t do, it doesn’t mean you were not equipped or able to do -it just means in that particular challenge you didn’t. Once equipped, you are able to -so keep trying to do, and each time you do, you will get closer and ultimately will succeed. No one is able to do anything the first try perfectly. Giving up stops progress, but failing a few times builds character. In time, you will do that which you want to. What you want to or the desire to do will happen if you are true to wanting to. The first step in doing anything is wanting to. The second step is learning how, and practicing. The next step is to try and fail a few times, learning how to optimize and perfect the art of the matter. And when you finally get to the standard you set, you’ll find that you will never stop improving (unless you stop trying) What should not change, ever, is step one -the want to or the desire to. This drive within is what keep one going despite hardship and failure. To fail is to gain insight. It’s better to fail and learn than to never fail at all and know nothing. Failure trains you into knowing how to fix something when it goes wrong. Without failure, you will not refine, and without refinement, you will not learn. Failure is not a bad thing. In fact, failure is the most important asset of success.