Cold, Warm and Sweat

Have you ever noticed that in the winter time it’s almost impossible to get comfortable? It’s like the heater makes the air dry and turning it off makes things cold. And then when it is on the floor is still cold so your feet sweat? Maybe that’s just me… But what about blankets? It’s impossible for me to be 100% comfortable in the winter.

I’m going take a hot shower. Maybe then I can get more comfortable.

There is literally a 30 minute window for me to fall asleep after a shower at night or I just won’t get rest…


But it’s too cold to take a shower. Did I mention that there is a chance that the breaker will trip if my heater comes on? The breaker box is outside, meaning too cold to reset it.

Not I’m just being lazy you say? Well, yes. I’m too tired at 6:22am to reset the box outside. It’s still night time to me.

Well, I’ve been writing this to procrastinate taking a warm shower in the cold, so I guess now is the best time to get up…

I’m just rambling now, but these words are valid concerns.

Bye for now.