Time = Life ≠ Money

I do not often bill for time because the time I take to do something varies regarding how I am feeling that day. This is human nature. We live in a society where time is money, but to me, time is life. Money always comes one way or another, passively. People spend time, not money -or rather, they trade their time for money. I say no. Passive income is a lie, unless you build a stable system that keeps on running without you. Passive income is not what I am after. I am after efficient income -that is, income that take whatever time it needs, but yeilds a good result. Time is valuable, because time is limited for mankind. Money is not limited because you can make as much as you want, but money is bought with a price, your lifetime. My life is not worth spending on making money, it is about using the time I have as efficient as possible. Some days I don’t have motivation to get out of bed, this is a byproduct of circumstance, and I consider the machine of my life to be inefficient during those times. Good news though -the time that I am motivated allows me to produce a better product/service. Time is more valuable than money because your life is made of moments that matter. Money is fleeting, but can be saved and stored, unlike time. Don’t waste your life chasing money. Live your life and avoid dwelling on finances.