Things to Live By

I am happy if I am fulfilling my calling.
I’m not fulfilling my calling when I allow others to make me feel bad.

I have everything I need. What others do not have is not my responsibility to get them. What I want will come in time.

Family, Health and Relationships are most important in life. Everything else is secondary. Help yourself first instead of dwelling on the opinions of the outsiders.

Don’t comprise on what you want. Everytime you allow others to do something you don’t want, you chip your personality away and that becomes your reality.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control.

Only compare you to you. One-up yourself, not others.

Surround yourself with only the best people -any less than this is a crippling support system. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People

Don’t overthink opportunities. Take them, or pass. If you pass or take, do not regret the decision. Learn from the choices you make -good or bad.

Be healthy. Physical condition affects emotion.

Appreciate the things that are insignificant. The little things combine and form who you are. YouTube: 15 Little Things to Appreciate In Live

Exercise your passion. Do what makes your passionate. Passion pushes you to be better, feels better and act better.

Make other people happy. Helping others and caring for others changes your attitude and those around you. Inspire someone. Be the Example.

Delete your social media. Corporations are in control. You just don’t know it. Algorithms are real.

Don’t take yourself to seriously. Be free, find your younger self and live a little.

Spend money on experiences and not things.

Be open to advice of others.