Altered Carbon Story

This is a story told at some point in Altered Carbon. Great show. Recommended for anyone who loves gritty sci-fi dramas.

The Princess and The Peasant Boy

Long ago and worlds away, there was a young Princess orphaned in a time of war. She was called upon to lead the armies of her kingdom, for there was no other. She was the fiercest of warriors; beloved of her people; unstoppable on the field. She rode out every day and saved her subjects in battle after battle. But every night when the fighting was done, she was alone.

Until one day a peasant boy came looking to join her army. Lonely and angry and fierce as she. For the first time she found that when she strode out to the field to save others there was someone at her side who had come to save her.

Then there came the darkest battle of the war. The princess and her peasant boy stood side by side and vowed that they would be separated by nothing less than death itself. She fell to an enemy sword and died before his eyes. And those who heard the story cried for the death of love.

After his princess died, the peasant boy wandered the world, lost to despair. Until one day he came upon an immortal who told him his princess had been stolen; trapped in an enchantment. So now he seeks her, across this world and every other, because somewhere sealed behind frozen glass and thick walls of deadly thorns she sleeps waiting to be awakened. And someday, without fail, he will find her.